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The three ladies behind the web series, LA Picker, sat down with me to tell me about their inspirations for creating and launching this exciting new project.  One of them, Devin Sidell, graduated Princeton University with my brother – and she tends to surround herself with sharp cookies – besides just me.  Enjoy.


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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve meditated everyday for the last two years. And this year alone, nearly everyday, I did yoga, wrote, drank 80 ounces of water, became an informed citizen, expanded my musical knowledge, got ahold of my biggest nemesis (my email inbox),…

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2015 Accomplishments/2016 Goals

Comedian Rajiv Satyal sums up 2015 for himself and places it in the greater context of his professional life.

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Just a Genius in A Bottle, Baby

Perhaps the best way in which my pharmacist wife and I activated our theme of Laughter Is The Best Medicine for our wedding was to place one-liners in prescription bottles.  Only Rajiv Satyal would place a bunch of Rajiv Satyal…

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Posted by Rajiv on July 20, 2016