November 7, 2012

What The Reelection of Obama Means – and Doesn’t Mean

Love won last night. Before you think I’m a bleeding-heart liberal, let me back that statement up with one of my tweets… and throughout this post, I’ll italicize ‘em:

Obama won #election2012 for the same reason I get reluctant (or, in my case, “all”) women into bed. I just say YES feels better than NO.

There are many ways to look at many things. And we can look at last night’s election in myriad ways. But the way I always saw it was this: it was YES vs. NO, FOR vs. AGAINST, LOVE vs. HATE. So, no matter your politics, “We Won; They Lost.”

(As always, I’m making a distinction between Conservatives and Republicans. I love a lot of conservatives. There aren’t a lot of Republicans I love right now.)

I’m not saying the GOP is a hateful party. It is – but that’s not what I’m saying*. It’s just that they openly have such disdain for President Barack Obama that they tried to block everything that man has tried to do. They didn’t love Governor Mitt Romney. In fact, during the primary season, they did everything they could do to find somebody else. Trust me – I just went through this with my apartment in Studio City. I told my landlord I was trying to cheat on him by finding something better. He confidently replied that I wouldn’t. And after spending weeks looking around, I came home, sighed, and agreed. (I’m also spicing it up like crazy. Hey, lady, if I’m staying, you’re losing 15 pounds.) And guess what. The same thing happened to the Republicans. They tried Rick Perry and Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann and finally came home to Moderate Mitt. The party faithful never loved the guy – they employed an Anybody But tactic – just like the Democrats did with John Kerry in 2004 (favorite website at the time: – and lost. And should’ve lost.

Romney: “Well, that election… Blue.” #homophonehumor

Romney stood for nothing. He was for/against gay marriage, Obamacare, abortion, and guns. With Bush, I at least believed that HE believed what he was saying. Romney really would say anything to get elected. And we saw through that.

“Love is The Answer and you know That for sure.” – John Lennon

*Of all the phrases I use, this is by far my favorite. I started saying it in high school. I later met people who also employed it. So, I “invented” it like I “invented” Ghostbusters cereal in third grade (as in, until a company that could actually produce the product came along). Having said that, I have never met somebody who talks like this whom I haven’t liked. So, if you’re down with that way of speaking, email me and let’s be best friends.


After the 2004 election, I did this bit onstage for months:

“Liberals need to now let it go. George Bush won by 537 votes in 2000. Now, he’s won by something like 300,000 votes in Florida. Democrats are like, ‘It’s still close.’ No, it’s not. Let me put it this way. If my best friend gave me $537, I’d give him a hug and take him out to dinner. If he gave me $300,000, I’m not gay… but there’s at least a hand job involved.”

So, after Bush got reelected, even though I wasn’t happy, I admitted that he had won. And now Republicans need to do the same thing… Shut the F*ck Up and accept it.

However, I do like to stir the pot. You know how National Rifle Association (NRA) members love this bumper sticker?

Ten Commandments? More Like Second Amendment

So, here’s something I’m surprised no one has ever mentioned to me:

Barack Obama is not the President of the US. Remember when he took his Oath of Office on Inauguration Day and messed up the sentence?

Well, Chief Justice John Roberts had him redo it at the White House. But there is no footage of this anywhere. How is that possible? We don’t have visual evidence of the first black President in American history becoming the first black President in American history? I’ve told that to a number of friends, who then ask, “Well, then who’s the President?” That’s where my conspiracy theory breaks down. But it’s food for the haters.

FOX just called it for Obama. I want to make the distinction between conservatives and Republicans. I like a lot of conservatives. But as for the modern-day GOP… yous guys are like the Steelers. I LOVE watching you lose. Boss.

You see, I don’t want the GOP to go away. They’re also like my favorite west coast rapper.

“I’m still the thug that you love to hate.” – Tupac

So, that’s my argument. Then again, the NRA has never made sense. They hate the French. And the name of the its Executive Vice President? Wayne LaPierre. LAPIERRE? Every syllable of that is Français.

My default channel is still CNN, despite the fact that its ratings are down huge. I don’t love all of CNN’s content but I’m sticking with the station as it’s the closest mass cable news channel that it’s at least trying to be centrist. I’m abhorred at the rise of MSNBC and FOX News. But I kept switching over to FOX just to see those a-holes’ faces. And where was their big panel? Huh? A few shots of Karl Rove here and there but looks like the rest of ‘em scattered like cockroaches.

“I want to see that spineless rat beg.” – Janni Gogolak, The Whole Nine Yards

Take your lumps, losers. That’s what I do when I bomb after a standup set. If I’m going to soak up the adulation when I kill, you bet your ass I’m going to post up at the exit and absorb the embarrassment when I fail, as well. You know why? I’m still there to thank people for coming out. I’m there to hear feedback, to learn, to grow. I don’t scurry away to the green room and drink myself into oblivion. Grand Old Pansies.

And FOX is trying to tell people now that Obama ran a better campaign or that the media is biased. Obama did run a better campaign.

The #election2012 is like football. Pass vs. Rush. Romney might’ve won the air w/ ads. But the game is won on the ground.

But that’s not why he won.

I wonder how many people are rooting against one of the candidates in #election2012 just to personally piss off someone in their lives.


Conservatives are right about something: the media sucks. But not always why they think. Is the media liberal anymore? Well, yes and no. The old guard MSM (mainstream media) still is. Although this has also been exaggerated for two reasons:

- Reporters largely vote Democrat, true. But editors mostly vote Republican. Much like actors in Hollywood are liberal but studios are conservative.

- The media is supposed to be a bit liberal. In a society, it’s the fourth estate and is meant to keep the more conservative government and military in check.

Anyway, talk radio, FOX News (which has by far the most viewers in cable news), and blogs have largely served as a counterbalance. Web 2.0 offers everybody a platform. Don’t like the MSM? Start a blog. Don’t like Jews running the media? Invent Facebook. Oh… wait. A Jew did that. (Time to admit what I’ve been arguing for years: Hitler was right. There is a master race. But he made just a little error. It’s the Jews.)

Here’s the issue with the media: it spent far too much of its time on the horse race itself as opposed to policy and politics. It only further drives us to focus on who’s ahead and who’s behind rather than what’s at stake beyond platitudes about freedom, democracy, the American people, yada yada yada.

“Can we get much higher?” – Kanye West

This election was not a mandate. Obama won by many fewer overall votes than he did in 2008. The final count is still out but it’s looking like he received 58 million votes to Romney’s 56 million, instead of 69 million to 60 million over Sen. John McCain. Note that not only did he receive 11 million fewer votes, he won by a delta of 2 million. But overall turnout was down, as well. Even taking Hurricane Sandy into account, it looks like it may have plummeted from 131 million (larger than 69 + 60 million due to third-party, write-ins, etc.) to around 117 million. Net/net, people were not as enthused to vote this time. Per my last essay from Sunday, even Obama was running AGAINST Mitt Romney, AGAINST Bush’s failed policies, and AGAINST his own ephemeral political career and not FOR Hope & Change.

Having stated all that, the Republicans held the House of Representatives, but they even experienced a loss in the Senate. So, the people have spoken. I’m not saying the GOP needs to lay down its arms and go home but they better be ready to give on tax cuts and a host of other issues.

In my opinion, the Republicans lost because of TONE. They’re simply on the wrong side of history. And I don’t mean demographics only. They’re against stem cell research and the theory of evolution and man-made climate change and women’s rights and gay rights and… on and on. The county decided it did, in fact, want to move forward. How do we know that, given the slim victory? I’ll tell you how.


“I’ve got nine more.” – Lt. Frank Drebin, after Jane Spencer sensually sucks on one of his fingers

In a high school history class, our teacher, Mr. Gary Yeatts, had us participate in an activity called The Truman Trial. Because we were the two smartest (OK, so two most opinionated) people in the class, he asked my friend, Jon, and me to lead the two teams. Jon strongly wanted to head up Defense and I, having no real POV (sooo opinionated), agreed to be the prosecutor of Harry Truman. It was scored on a 6-point scale, with a 0 being a landslide win for the Defense and a 5 being one for the Prosecution. I think we lost with a 1.  I emerged with a very strong perspective.  My mind had been made up. And after doing all the research, I can tell you that the US absolutely should’ve dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Horrible as they were, they actually prevented far more human deaths (yes, including radiation for years to come) than a land invasion would’ve. And here’s how we know what a bastard Emperor Hirohito was: we’d already kicked Hitler’s ass and dropped one atomic bomb on his country. And he still didn’t surrender. We (“We,” I mean, because I was over here, so) had to wait three days and drop ANOTHER one on August 9. Are you kidding me? It was the latter one that proved, “Hey, buddy, that wasn’t a one-time thing. We’ve got others.”

How is that relevant here? With the economy as bad as it is and Obama’s alienation of his own base, he should’ve lost huge. It generally takes a great candidate running a near-perfect campaign to unseat an incumbent (Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Bill Clinton in 1992), but this time around, Romney was good enough to do the job. And it didn’t happen. So, this second term is the Nagasaki on the GOP. They need to get on-board.

Furthermore, Caucasians had plenty of reason not to re-up on Obama if they didn’t want to. I’d written in The Best 2008 Election Essay You Probably Won’t Finish:

Think about it. And just think of the opportunity you have: you can vote for Obama to assuage four centuries of guilt. Seriously, this is like a Get Out of Jail Free card. You can wash away all of that prejudice in one fell swoop of the voting lever. You’ll feel great, like after you take a long shower. It’s the new Ethnic Cleansing.

This time, they evaluated Obama not as an idea but as a man. Not in theory but in reality. Not against the awful backdrop of Bush (who wasn’t even invited to speak at the GOP convention this year) but against the real world of politics and against a decent enough man in Mitt Romney. (I love when people say “man in Mitt Romney” – sounds like he’d be pro-gay marriage in that case.)

Obama was reelected even though he was a major disappointment. This, my friends, is true progress. The best analogy I can give you here is when O.J. Simpson was acquitted. Even (especially) African Americans knew he was guilty. And he got off. Had he been innocent, this wouldn’t have meant much. But the fact that he really did kill his wife and that other dude and was released means that blacks beat the system, f’real. Getting away Scot-free after committing a major crime? Now, you white, son.


If these #s hold, I’d put #NateSilver’s odds of getting laid tonight at 100.0%.

The GOP simply engages in a denial of facts. For all of his arrogance and rabid declarations of atheism (major turnoff for me as a spiritual person), Bill Maher made a lot of sense when he did his segments this past season about Republicans’ living in a bubble. They deny science. And this election evinced how they denied even political science. Almost every major poll showed Obama’s winning this election and yet they fought and fought and fought against it. Nate Silver is vindicated. FOX News viewers should be outraged at his the channel gave them a chance. Obama may have promised Hope; Rupert Murdoch gave you false hope. So… Change the channel.

You know when I realized this? When three of my usually very reasonable conservative friends refused to give Obama any credit whatsoever for capturing and killing Osama bin Laden. Not a shred. They insisted it was the military that did it. Well, yeah. No doubt. No one’s taking credit from our brave men and women. And my argument isn’t simply that Obama is the Commander-in-Chief. It’s that it was a split decision. Not his entire team was giving him the go-ahead and yet he made the call of going for it on 4th and Long. And he scored. That, my friends, takes balls. Had even one American soldier died despite our getting OBL, I think he knew his Presidency would be over. When my friends refused to yield on this point, I realized just how far gone the right is. (We’re still great friends, btw. I had tweeted the other day, “i cannot believe my bad luck. in the last year, i’ve lost 7 friends. (they’re not dead. i just realized they’re a-holes.)” These three aren’t part of those non-magnificent seven.)


Note to Dems: You can never cost-cut your way to success. We need to grow the economy so let’s figure that out.

On Sunday, I had asked, “When is the last time the US Government actually solved anything?” Well, that was a somewhat rhetorical and somewhat real question. In 1986, Ronald Reagan and Congressional Democrats struck a grand fiscal deal that continued to grow the US economy. It’s time for the same kind of deal. And I think with the fiscal cliff looming (Does a cliff loom?) and a lame-duck session of Congress, it may be possible sooner than we think.

Now is the time to have that conversation. I’ll tell you when the time was NOT to have that conversation: the last two years. The Tea Party wreaked havoc on the US’ credit rating by either not understanding what the debt ceiling was or knowing and not caring (which principally speaking, is the same as not knowing, according to Stephen Covey). Raising the debt ceiling was to pay for money already spent; it wasn’t authorization to spend more money. It was the equivalent of ordering a ton of food and then simply not paying the bill.

Obama got dragged into the debt debate when it made no sense. As I’ve heard it said, we had a sick patient on the table who then suddenly started bleeding profusely. You don’t treat the sickness; you treat the injury. The US economy was in the crapper. Get it out first. And then figure out how to save money. When the economy is tanking, you can give tax cuts and/or raise spending. But don’t worry about the debt at that time. Now that the fiscal cliff is coming (better than looming), this is now the important thing. Priorities, people.

“I’m from the murder capital, where we murder for capital.” – Jay-Z

As mentioned many times, I’m a diehard capitalist. And I’ve argued a couple of points in the past:

  • We have capitalism for the bottom 99% and socialism for the top 1%.
  • We don’t live in a democracy but rather an oligarchy run by corporations.

Here’s the inherent flaw in Romney’s argument of “Hey, I’m a businessman. Give it to me”:

The government isn’t a business. The government exists to provide those services that operate without a profit motive. In fact, your experience in business probably hurts you, if anything. And I wish people would finally one of the main functions of government: it’s a counterbalance.

From my 2008 essay:

Functionalist and Conflict Theory forever changed the way I looked at the world. Functionalists believe that we live in a meritocracy – that we are all created equal and have an even shot at everything because society is made up of individuals provided with the same opportunity. Conflict theorists say that’s all BS and that since society is comprised of groups (AARP, NRA, pro-choice lobby, teacher’s unions, trial lawyers, blacks, Latinos, the haves and have-nots, et al), there is something called SES (socioeconomic status) that determines just how fair of a shot we all have. Tyrone down on Crenshaw doesn’t have the same chances Trevor from West Chester has.  What impact does Functionalist and Conflict Theory have on one’s political philosophy? Tons. They’re the lenses through which you see the world. If you’re a Functionalist, you’re almost certainly a Conservative. If you’re a Conflict Theorist, you’re likely to be a Liberal.

Imagine that Thurston is really fat and Tyrone is really skinny. They’re on a teeter-totter. Government is the hand near the fulcrum that’s helping balance the two. That’s its purpose. So, when can we get rid of government in our lives? When society starts equalizing the two kids. That’s when. Till then, Tyrone will go flying off the seesaw.

Again, it’s not a business. Don’t fall for simple analogies and metaphors. It’s like the arguments I’ve heard for and against open-mindedness:

  • “The mind is like a parachute – it only works when it’s open.”
  • “The mind is like a mouth – it only works when it closes around something.”

OK, fine. Pick the one that furthers your cause at the time. But realize this – the mind isn’t a parachute nor a mouth.

You gotta work harder and dig deeper.

“For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” – H.L. Mencken

I rocked my GMAT to get into business school. People ask me if I studied and I told them I did very hard. A lot of people laughed and were like, “Well, I didn’t at all and got a [insert 40 points below]. So, there.”

Yeah, so there. I studied BECAUSE I’m smart. Not despite it. You didn’t prove you’re smarter. Just lazier. My point here isn’t to tell you how smart I am. (I am but that’s not what I’m saying.) If it were, I’d have just told you I got a 740 and gained admission to Stern on fewer than three years’ business experience. Oops. Anyway, the point is that I know this much about politics and policy not because I’m a natural-born wonk but because I’ve read it for two decades. You gotta work, people.

So, when you hear conservatives chant about the free market, realize the free market isn’t designed to solve everything. There is a whole host of other theories as corollaries: whether the market is efficient… weak, strong, semi-strong… and if you don’t understand this stuff, put the gun down, dude.

“You’re meddling with powers you cannot possibly comprehend.” – Marcus Brody, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

I recognize I don’t know a lot about the economy. And as an engineer, I like real sciences like physics and chemistry. The problem with economics is that a lot of the data is hard to garner and is only available largely after the fact. Did Quarter 1 grow? Well, in Q2, we think it did but we’ll get you a revised estimate by Q3. And a final number by Q4. Great, then.

Take health care. Free markets don’t work as you’d think they would because consumers simply don’t know what they need. What if we just made it like that? This goes back to the efficiency hypothesis. OK, here’s how much a cat-scan is. And an x-ray. And an MRI. Which one do you want? I don’t know. Exactly. It’s not like buying a car. That’s just one way in which a purely free market isn’t going to help solve health care. So just admit that you don’t always know what you’re talking about when you say you’re fiscally conservative. We’re ALL for lower taxes and efficiency in theory.

Remember the old joke?

A young boy went to his father and asked, “Dad, what’s the difference between theory and reality?”

“Well, son. Go ask your Mom if she’d sleep with Brad Pitt a million dollars and come tell me her answer.”

The boy returned and said, ” She said she would, Dad.” “OK,” replied the father, “Go ask your sister the same question.”

The boy returned and said that his sister also answered yes to the question and then asked his Dad, “What’s this got to do with theory and reality?”

“It’s simple, son. In theory, we’re millionaires. In reality, we live with a couple of whores.”


Why do the rich get richer?


Beyond that video, it’s because inherent in “capitalism” is “capital.” The investments with the highest returns are not available to the middle class. You need money to get money. And, as it’s been said, “Behind every great fortune is a great crime.” Nobody wants to take money from people who’ve earned it. The problem is a lot of the rich HAVE NOT earned it (the only time they’re have-nots). They’ve played by different rules, have had access to better things, and operate on a higher playing field.

The GOP has done a masterful job of convincing people we’re all gonna be millionaires. And btw, this is why white record labels don’t discourage hip-hop culture: I’m a baller, he’s a baller, she’s a baller, we some ballers, wouldn’t you like to be a baller, too?

Well, you’re not gonna be. You’re not. Joe the Plumber’s not. OK, so maybe YOU will. And maybe SOME people will. In fact, that’s part of the American psyche. It’s not going anywhere. We aren’t going to destroy that spirit. Liberals are simply arguing that we need more help.

Ricky Gervais, in explaining the differences between British and American audiences:

“Americans are more optimistic.  And that’s due to the fact that Americans are told, they can become the next president of United States.  And they can.  British people are told, ‘It won’t happen to you.’  And they carry that.  They carry that with them.  We… We champion the underdog.  We champion the underdog to the point where it’s not an underdog anymore and it annoys us.”

So, to all the people worried that we’re going socialist… we’re NOT. It’s part of our DNA. We all think we’re gonna be President. Heck, I STILL think I can be. (And according to a Facebook status I posted a while ago, I’m now running in 2016, so stay tuned.)

How, just about everybody’s noticed that the cities voted blue and the rural areas voted red. Many attribute that to diversity. But I think there’s more at play here.

I purported in my essay, Why NY Rules & LA Sucks / Why LA Rules & NY Sucks:

New Yorkers are all in this together – we’re walking next to each other on the sidewalks; we’re all sharing a car on the subway.  In LA, the vast majority drives.  So, by definition, everyone who isn’t you is your competitor.  And when somebody cuts you off in traffic, you go for the lowest common denominator because it’s what you can see… “See?  Asians can’t drive!”  “Does that Mexican even have insurance?”  “Fat-ass!”

Now, I know LA is as blue as the Dodgers. But my larger point here is that cities have a greater sense of community. People there think it takes a village. Folks who live in outlying areas think they make it on their own – because they largely do. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Well, both are. But I think this is truly what’s going on.

This is an important point because I don’t want to see us devolve into identity politics, meaning voting for someone who simply looks like you.

  • Romney won the white vote 58 – 40.
  • Obama won Latino vote something like 66%-34% and won ~93% of the black vote.

I love white people. Really, I do. I grew up in the 1980s in a small town in Ohio. And I hardly experienced any racism. My parents have as many Caucasian friends as Indian ones. They’re pro-USA, became citizens just about as soon as they could’ve, assimilated into American society, and even spoke English to each other at home – and are the only Indian couple I know of to do so that long ago. I have no axe to grind with whites. Traveling the world and living in very liberal areas, I can tell you I meet some characters that absolutely hate white people. And it’s no joke – they really harbor extreme contempt for them. And I know my fair share of white people who hate minorities. (Do you call that a “fair share”? Or just a fair number of fair people who don’t want to share?) I’m simply not one of those people. For me, it’s just too much energy to hate an entire race of people. Especially whites – they’re SO many of them. It’s tiring, man.


So, I certainly don’t believe in reparations. Although if we’re going down that road, we should give blacks some of the simple pleasures: maybe car pool lane access or handicapped parking. Just change it from Disabled to Disenfranchised? Or maybe they can just pay less at restaurants. Oh, wait. They do. They don’t tip. Oh! (Yeah, like Indians are HUGE-ass tippers.)

I think Obama will try to compromise a bit. But he needs to come in 30%. The other side has to come in 70%. I’d actually heard a theory that the reason Obama failed is that he thought he could convince whites to be on his side. His roots don’t go back to slavery and so he doesn’t demonize the white man like he should. I forget who said that but I’m sure it’s one of those haters I just mentioned. Interesting hypothesis, though.

I don’t want to identify myself as an Indian voter any more than I want someone to say, “Oh, Rajiv? Yeah, he’s funny for an Indian.” I’m Funny and happen to be Indian.

“’Cause I don’t really think that the fact that I’m Slim matters; a plaque of platinum status is whack if I’m not the baddest.” – Eminem

(Yes, the best rapper of all time is white. But the best guitarist of all time is black so it evens out.)

Jimi Thing

My longtime GOP friend from Cincinnati, Micah, sent me some thoughtful texts this morning. He wondered if the economy was just a red herring and that the people voted on social issues. He asked where the GOP had lost me – was it simply the whacko anti-science stances?

Yes, to some extent it is the science thing. It’s not that the GOP doesn’t look like me. I just don’t feel like they feel like I do.

He Feels Like You Do

I also think Bill Clinton’s convention speech was the best modern-day speech ever. He took a wrecking ball to Romney & Ryan’s plans with his one word: “arithmetic.” That did them in. Even Obama’s abysmal first debate performance couldn’t wipe that out.

But basically, I want to see the white and non-white numbers even out. I don’t want to see this country move towards identity politics. I was glad when Stacey Dash said she was going to vote for Romney.

This Dion Made Us Wonder Why

We need more of that – people shouldn’t support their own just because. It’s just another way for the powers-that-be to divide and conquer.

Heck, one of my more popular tweets was, ~“Bobby Jindal makes me want to be racist against Indians.”

I love Lily Tomlin’s quote: “We’re all in this alone.”

Such a pithy, ironic statement. And it’s honestly the GOP’s take on things. Sure, bring a child into this world. You have to. Even a rape baby. Help you raise it? No… no on child-care programs or food stamps or welfare or any other assistance. Fight wars? Yep, attack everybody. Hey, Vets want health care and assistance once they come home. No, F that. They can figure it out. So, it’s the basic unfairness of these arguments that has been exposed. And if not, I’ll expose them. This election was about deciding that we’re all in this together.

She's By Herself

Obama’s speech was the same as who’s singing right now: Boss.

I was thrilled that Obama is taking my advice. Did you detect that last night? I think he’s going to indeed do an end-run around Congress and come to ask us for help. This is what we’re craving. Well, I think you crave with your body and yearn with your soul. So, this is the stuff for which we’re yearning. So, I’ll close with the same paragraph I did in 2008. Mr. Obama, we know you’re not the Messiah. So, this isn’t your Second Coming. But it is your second chance.

Lead us. Ask us to do better. Ask us to come together. Ask us to stand tall as a nation. Don’t tell us to just go shopping, as Bush did after 9/11. We are the greatest nation ever and I do believe our best days may very well lie ahead of us. We are willing to make sacrifices. Tell us we can all do better. We don’t want to assign blame. It’s not all Bush’s fault. We’re all party to this. People often say the President cannot do much but that’s not true. You set the tone. Managers get people to do things; leaders get them to want to do things. Talk to us as adults and tell us what we can do to help. It’s not that we can’t sacrifice; we just don’t know what to do. I’m not actually voting for you because you’re black. I’m voting for you because it would say so much about this country if we can elect a black man. A nuance, but an important one. You have run the most inclusive campaign we’ve ever seen. We know you’re not a Muslim, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Thank God you’re a Christian – a religion so much more advanced. One that says unless you believe in a guy that walked on water 2,000 years ago, you’re going to hell (says a guy whose religion believes in 4-arm goddesses). Shoot, I couldn’t be serious for THAT long. In truthfulness, help us to be better Americans. I, as demonstrated by this treatise, am hoping for a little more audacity.

If you need any more ideas, gimme a call. I clearly have time on my hands.

Rajiv Satyal lives in California. But… “Damn It Feels Good to Be”… an Ohioan.

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  • Kimberly said:

    Great post, Rajiv. Enjoyed your History lesson too. : )

  • Tony Ferrini said:

    Well said, Rajiv. This is a long one, but really enjoyed reading this all the way through.

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